Recharge your Prepaid Mobile Service Online in India

Published: 19th September 2011
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Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? Me neither! In fact, I can confidently say my mobile phone spends more time with me than any family member, friend, colleague or business associate. It is my main mean of communication. Forgetting my mobile, leaves me feeling helpless and constantly worried I am missing an important or urgent call. Like me, most people use their mobile phones to remain connected to family, friends, colleagues and business associates today. This dependency means having no balance on your mobile phone is a frustrating issue.

If you are a prepaid mobile user, Ií sure your nodding your head agreeing with mean. Whatís more annoying is reaching a mobile recharge shop before your balance is too low. If you are anything like me, Iím sure the business of your schedule forces you to put it off until the last possible moment and then, you worry about reaching a mobile recharge outlet before it closes.

That used to be, me. Not anymore!

We live in a wonderful world, where technology is constantly evolving and more importantly, prepaid mobile recharge services in India has come far; Iím finally taking advantage of that fact. No more running out of balance or running to the nearest mobile retail shop, when my mom or my mobile balance is low. Now, I go online and recharge both our prepaid mobiles, simultaneously. Plus, it is convenient and quick. I donít have to reach a mobile recharge shop before a particular time or leave work in between the day. I donít even have to worry about having sufficient cash on me. All in all, by choosing to recharge my prepaid mobile online, Iíve reduce my irritation levels.

If you are looking to recharge your prepaid mobile online in India, you can check if your mobile service provider offers online recharges. For me, Iíve chosen for two reasons. The first, by creating an account with, I can track when I recharged and for what amount. The second, my mom and I use different service providers and this free mobile recharge website letís me recharge both our prepaid mobile from one account. has most of Indiaís mobile service providers - Aircel Mobile, Airtel Mobile, BSNL Mobile, Idea Mobile, Prepaid Mobile Service Online, Loop Mobile, MTNL Mobile, MTS Mobile, Reliance Mobile, Tata Docomo Mobile, Tata Indicom Mobile, Tata Walky Mobile, Uninor Mobile and Vodafone Mobile. So, you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone and those of family and friends directly online without any hassle.

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